Destinations From Bean To Bar: Embark On The Ultimate Chocolate Journey

From Bean To Bar: Embark On The Ultimate Chocolate Journey

Join us on a delectable journey where chocolate is not just a treat but one of the most unforgettable experiences.


By Esha Dasgupta Published on Dec 13, 2023, 05:00 PM

From Bean To Bar: Embark On The Ultimate Chocolate Journey
Image credit: belmontestategrenada.com

A symphony of decadent sweetness awaits as we venture into the world’s finest chocolate experiences, inviting both chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs on a delectable odyssey. Explore the rich heritage of cacao farming and processing, tracing the journey from bean to bar.

From artisanal boutiques to historic chocolatiers, discover velvety textures, exquisite flavours, culinary mastery, and unparalleled chocolate encounters from across the globe. Join us as we unravel the rich tapestry of global cocoa delights. 

Indulgence redefined: Explore the best chocolate experiences from around the world

Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum, Switzerland

Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum, Switzerland 2
Image credit: lindt-home-of-chocolate.com

At the Lindt Home of Chocolate, witness the world’s largest chocolate fountain, a spectacular sight where 1,500 kg of chocolate cascades smoothly from a height of 9 metres. The museum invites visitors to embark on an interactive chocolate tour, immersing them in the much-adored world of Swiss chocolate. The museum also offers chocolate-making courses for those interested in creating their sweet treats. On the other hand, indulge in a personalised experience as a master chocolatier creates the chocolate bar of your dreams.

Omnom Chocolate, Iceland

Omnom Chocolate
Credit: atariclash/Shutterstock

Omnom Chocolate in Reykjavik, Iceland, is the only bean-to-bar chocolate company in the country. Setting itself apart, Omnom specialises in producing small batches of uniquely flavoured blends, featuring options like Black n’ Burnt Barley, Liquorice, and Sea Salt Caramel, among others. Omnom Chocolate uses sustainably sourced organic chocolate beans from the Dominican Republic, Belize, Papua New Guinea, and Madagascar to create delicious and environmentally conscious treats.

Festival Internacional Chocolate, Portugal

Festival Internacional Chocolate, Portugal
Image credit: festivalchocolate.cm-obidos.pt

The Festival Internacional Chocolate magically transforms the quaint Portuguese town of Obidos into a chocolate wonderland. Taking place at its mediaeval castle grounds, chocolate enthusiasts from all over the world gather to enjoy a day fuelled by pure chocolate cravings. This annual festival, taking place in April or May, hosts various fun activities. The Children’s Chocolate House, where kids can create their chocolate masterpieces, scores a big hit. From cooking sessions to places offering chocolate in every imaginable flavour, chocolate tastings, and innovative chocolate sculptures, the festival promises to impress visitors of all ages.

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Belmont Estate, Grenada

chocolate experiences
Image credit: belmontestategrenada.com

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate by visiting a working chocolate plantation and factory. The Belmont Estate, operating since the 17th century, offers one of the most immersive experiences with its Bean to Bar Chocolate tour. Become part of the cocoa bean’s journey, from growing and harvesting to processing and packing. Visit the in-house museum to delve into the history of the estate and learn all about their sustainable farming practices.

ChocoMuseo, Mexico

Best chocolate experiences
Image credit: chocomuseo.com

ChocoMuseo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a chocolate lover’s dream. Given that Mexico is considered the birthplace of chocolate, this festival offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Various bean-to-bar workshops are available, from crafting simple chocolate bars to experimenting with filled truffles and ganaches. Those interested in advanced techniques can combine the two workshops. ChocoMuseo also hosts a mini chocolate workshop for those with kids or limited time on their hands. The museum offers free entry, providing an opportunity to interact with staff and gain insights into the chocolate-making process.

EuroChocolate, Italy

Best chocolate experiences of the world
Image credit: eurochocolate.com

Once every year, Perugia in Italy becomes the chocolate capital of Europe during the annual EuroChocolate festival. Drawing in more than a million tourists and locals for nine days, the festival showcases famed chocolate brands such as Perugina, Caffarel, and Lindt. Indulge in chocolate-based snacks like chocolate liqueur, chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate moulds, chocolate-crafting tools, and more. Explore the myriad chocolate sculptures, and street performances, taste experimental chocolates, and even enjoy a chocolate-inspired spa day.

Rabot Hotel by Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia

Best chocolate experiences of the world
Image credit: hotelchocolat.com

Earlier known as Boucan, Rabot Hotel is a sustainable cacao farm spread over 140 acres in St. Lucia. One of their most distinguishing features is in utilising every part of the cacao harvest, from pulp to nibs. Beyond crafting chocolate-infused masterpieces in the kitchen, Rabot Hotel extends its creativity to artful cocktails and invigorating facials at the in-house spa, all derived from cacao beans. The hotel also helps guests in grafting their cacao plants, allowing them to take a piece of the experience home after their vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-What is unique about Swiss chocolate?
Swiss chocolate holds a global reputation for being crafted with high-quality cocoa beans and milk, following meticulous production processes. 

-What are the best chocolate festivals around the world?
EuroChocolate and the Festival Internacional Chocolate are some of the best chocolate festivals around the world.

-What is the significance of Belgian chocolate?
Belgian chocolate undergoes fine milling, ground to below 18 microns, beyond the human tongue’s perceptible range. This ensures Belgian chocolate leaves no grainy texture in the mouth.

-Can travellers visit cocoa plantations for a chocolate experience?
Yes, some cocoa plantations offer regular tours for visitors.

-What are the unique chocolate-themed accommodations?
Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Hotel is among the most unique chocolate-themed accommodations.

-Can visitors customise their chocolate experiences?
Most plantations and chocolate museums that offer visitor tours allow guests to customise their chocolate creations.

-Are there chocolate experiences for families with children?
Yes, most chocolate-themed parks and other attractions welcome families with children.

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