Preeti Kulkarni

After completing her PG in New Media from the Asian College of Journalism, Preeti worked in a daily and a magazine before finding her calling in digital journalism. A lover of single malts and an avid pop culture junkie, you can catch her at the movies on weekends or binge-watching the latest shows on OTT when she is not busy preparing her toddler for his Hogwarts letter.


Recent Articles by Preeti Kulkarni


From Yule Books To Bad Santas: A Journey Through Unique Christmas Practices

Discover some lesser-known rituals and quirky traditions that add a special touch to Christmas celebrations across the world.

Zodiac Travels

Astro-Wanderlust: Your Zodiac-Inspired Travel Guide For 2024

Explore the world through the lens of your zodiac sign and let the stars guide your travels to unforgettable places in 2024.

Zodiac Travels

Starlit Escapes In India: Uncover Ideal Travel Destinations For 2024 With Zodiac Insights

Discover the perfect places to visit in India in 2024, tailored according to your zodiac sign, and let the stars guide your wanderlust!

Zodiac Travels

Cosmic Unions: Picking The Perfect Wedding Destination Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let your zodiac sign guide you through the enchanting possibilities that align the stars with your dream wedding destination.

Zodiac Travels

Journeying Through The Zodiac: What Your Sun Sign Says About Your Travel Preferences

Zodiacs with influence on Mercury and Jupiter are likely to travel. Here are a few insights into the types of travellers as per the sun sign.

Zodiac Travels

Stars Of Overpacking: These Zodiac Signs Just Can't Travel Light

Astrology reveals a person’s behaviour during travel and uncovers their travel-related quirks and tendencies, including zodiacs who overpack.


Know Your Food, Here's The Difference Between Sushi And Omakase

The key difference between sushi and omakase is that sushi is the dish you enjoy, omakase is the experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Zodiac Travels

Chase The Chill: Winter Travel Escapes For Your Zodiac Sign

While some signs love to travel, others don't. Here's a list of winter travel suggestions that align with your zodiac sign's preferences.

Zodiac Travels

Best Places To Travel In Autumn Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The fall is hailed as one of the most romantic and beautiful seasons. Here are the best places to travel in autumn according to zodiacs.

Zodiac Travels

Jet, Set, Roar! Best Holiday Destinations For Leos According To Their Travel Horoscope

Leos love to explore new spots and are always up for an adventure. Here are the best places to travel according to Leo's travel horoscope. 

Zodiac Travels

Who Is Your Ultimate Travel Partner As Per Zodiac For A Romantic Holiday?

Want to tick a destination off your bucket list with your beau? Check out your ideal travel partner as per the zodiac signs.

Travel Tips

Countries That Offer Visa-On-Arrival For Travellers With A Singapore Passport

With the second-most powerful passport in the world, travellers from Singapore can get visa-on-arrival access to many significant countries.


We’re Here, We’re Queer! Pride Events To Attend In 2023

Pride events 2023: Pride events calendar for the top pride parades & celebrations happening around the world for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Zodiac Travels

Las Vegas To Japan: The Ultimate International Travel Guide For Summers As Per Zodiacs

Zodiac sign travel: Did you know that your birth chart indicates where you would like to plan a trip to? Here are all the details.


Wynn Al Marjan To Open UAE’s First Ultra-Luxurious Gaming Resort

To make the UAE an ultimate global tourist hub, Wynn Resorts is investing billions of dollars in transforming Al Marjan Island and how!


Lyrid Meteor Shower 2023: Where, When And How To Watch The Spectacle

Lyrid meteor shower 2023: Here are all the details about the celestial phenomenon that is set to peak on 22 April 2023.


Japan Finds 7,000 New Islands After Recounting Its Territories

The total of 7,000 new islands in Japan are to be added to the official list after a new survey. Here are all the details of the recount.


Things To Know About Shanghai Before Travelling To The City

Shanghai is where the modern meets the traditional. Know all about the best time to visit Shanghai and the best places for travellers.


Coachella 2023 Line-Up: BLACKPINK To Headline The Fest; Diljit Dosanjh Will Make His Debut

A full line-up of the musicians performing at Coachella 2023 was revealed on 10 January and it includes BLACKPINK and Diljit Dosanjh.


Quadrantids Meteor Shower: Here's How You Can Watch These Fireballs In 2023

The Quadrantids meteor shower will be one of the biggest and most beautiful natural phenomena, and all set to appear on January 3 and 4, 2023.

Zodiac Travels

Top International Destinations To Travel To In 2023 Based On Your Zodiac

Places to travel in 2023 as per zodiac signs: A new place has new energy which affects you. Follow this travel horoscope for a better 2023.


UAE Holds No.1 Position On Arton Capital Passport Index, India Ranks 69th Allowing Visa Free Travel To 24 Countries

Arton Capital has published its passport index 2022 rankings of the most powerful and weakest passports worldwide. Here are the details.

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