News Hong Kong Unveils The World’s ‘First’ Digital Aquarium

Hong Kong Unveils The World’s ‘First’ Digital Aquarium

Bluetopia, the world’s ‘first’ digital aquarium, opens in Airside, Hong Kong. It's a multi-sensory journey of the ocean through digital art.


By Jianne Soriano Published on Dec 08, 2023, 08:00 AM

Hong Kong Unveils The World’s ‘First’ Digital Aquarium

Bluetopia at the newly opened Airside Mall in Hong Kong bills itself as the world’s ‘first’ digital aquarium. 12 different creative units from around the world are joining hands to bring a multi-sensory journey of the ocean through digital art.

During the exhibition period, Airside will also broadcast the works of Bluetopia’s contributing artists on all screens at the shopping mall three times a day. So, the experience extends beyond just the aquarium and into the mall itself.

Bluetopia, the world’s first digital aquarium, makes its way to Hong Kong

The exhibition space spans 3,000 square feet and showcases research data that have been converted into immersive underwater artworks. Visitors will be able to explore the five different zones, which are built according to the unique characteristics of different ocean layers.

Some of the highlights include ‘Symphilia’, a large-scale coral reef installation that fuses Mixed Reality (MR) with the art of crochet. This shows the mutual symbiotic relationships present in the ocean. There’s also ‘Colourful Jellies’, a giant interactive light installation that stimulates the light from jellyfish when they sense other species. You also get a chance to unleash your creativity at Phillip Artus’ interactive installation, ‘Aquatics’ and create entirely new species.

The digital aquarium also has an educational space called ‘Hidden’. Visitors can unlock underwater secrets thanks to the work of Hong Kong’s only marine research facility: The Swire Institute of Marine Science. Visitors can learn more about marine ecology and stories about the ocean such as 52Hz, the world’s loneliest whale.

Admission is free but make sure to register for a spot via the NF Touch mobile app. Only a limited number of spots are available for on-site registration daily. The entire tour lasts about 45 minutes and participants must follow the instructions of staff on-site.

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A range of retail and cultural experiences at Airside

Airside Mall opened in Kai Tak in September this year, boasting 700,000 square feet of space. The mall is also home to a 32-storey Grade A office building in addition to the shopping mall filled with dining, retail, and lifestyle brands.

Since its opening, it has been adding new cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy. This includes the opening of the largest Bouncetopia by Kiztopia. The mall also champions a sustainable approach, tapping into the concept of ‘wholeness’ and the connection between people and nature.

In fact, Airside is the first building in Hong Kong to receive seven of the most recognised green and smart building certifications. So, it’s no surprise that the world’s ‘first’ digital aquarium is also calling the mall home during its exhibition period.

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