Trips 5 Tips To Tackle Hong Kong Art Month During Aries Season

5 Tips To Tackle Hong Kong Art Month During Aries Season

Hong Kong Art Month returns this Aries season to its full scale after three years of pandemic restrictions.


By Lianne Blu Published on Mar 26, 2023, 12:00 PM

5 Tips To Tackle Hong Kong Art Month During Aries Season
Images Credits: Art Central

Hong Kong Art Month will finally return in full force after three years of pandemic restrictions. Two of its biggest attractions, Art Basel and Art Central, begin previews on March 21, right at the start of the Aries season (March 21 – April 19).

While my colleagues will tell you all about the show highlights and artists to check out, I will be sharing with you how to tackle Art Week with these zodiac signs in place.

Here’s how you can tackle Hong Kong art month during the arise season

1. Patience is key 

A week full of events means a lot more possibilities for things to go wrong. From logistical mismanagement to waiting an hour for your friend to arrive, let’s just say things might not go the way you want. With the energy of a fire sign around, people can easily get frustrated, angry and impatient. While those are all valid feelings, remember that time passes the same whether you feel calm or annoyed, and with a friendlier attitude, people tend to be more helpful and things will go smoother. Pro tip: double-check your tickets, passes and meet-up spots. 

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2. Stay curious

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries possesses a child-like enthusiasm and playfulness. The art exhibitions are basically a giant playground, with installations, digital art shows and new concepts around every corner, making this the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner child. Stay curious, ask questions and have fun!

3. Be honest

Aries are known for their brutal honesty and bluntness. Learning from this trait, we can all use a little honesty with ourselves whether that is expressing how you really feel about a piece of art or deciding if you truly want to hit up all the shows and after-parties on your list. Speak up at (appropriate) times, immerse yourself in the emotions that the art might spark and turn on “air-plane” mode if you don’t want too small talk with an aspiring artist. 

4. Get ready for some spontaneity 

With Hong Kong opening up and gallerists, artists and showgoers flying in to attend Art Week, the possibilities of fun are endless. One thing that Aries cannot be confined to is playing it safe. Learn from this risk-taking and spontaneous sign this season, maybe not so much putting yourself at actual risk, though. Stay open-minded, get out of your comfort zone, talk to people outside your circle, visit the galleries that aren’t on your initial list and see where the night takes you.

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5. Think twice

Yes, FOMO is real. No matter how much of a multitasker we wish to be, we cannot be at two places simultaneously, nor can we be invited to all the parties. There might be some hard feelings here and there, but remember not to take it too personally. While you should be honest with yourself, don’t say or do anything you might regret. The Aries’s energy could spark impulsive and reckless actions. Before you send that semi-passive-aggressive text to the friend who didn’t ask you to tag along to this gallery or post that emotional Insta-story, think twice.

Art Month Aries Season
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